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About me
Hello everyone. Since you are on this website, I assume that you are a fellow camper, and I salute you sincerely. My name is Ike Koutouzoff. I am a camping, cycling, and traveling enthusiast college student. I have been cycling and camping (bikepacking) around the country for years, and I have been cycling abroad many times, too. I've backpacked through Europe and seen lots of good stuff in my short life so far. Since I have been into designing websites, I wanted to join my passions and build this website to share my knowledge and contribute to the camping community. I review rocking camp chairs because I really love the way they are designed, and the way they make you feel outdoors. In my reviews, I try to be as honest as I can, and I try my best to serve you with the best information you can get online about rocking camp chairs. I serve affiliate links on this website, so if you buy a rocking camp chair, I earn a small amount of commission.