How to Choose a Rocking Camp Chair

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Rocking camp chairs are the ultimate form of comfort and relaxation. You don’t necessarily have to use them when you’re camping. Most of them are fairly versatile, and some people buy them just as an alternative to classic rocking chairs. In this article, I will try to discuss the things you need to consider before buying a rocking camp chair.

When choosing a rocking camp chair, consider these factors:

  1. End-use: In what purpose will you use this chair mostly? The best rocking chair for you will depend on your answer.
  2. Weight & Size: This is related to your end-use. The weight and size of a portable rocking chair will determine the limits of its usability.
  3. Design: Do you need a low rocking chair, which can be more comfortable, or a high one? Do you need mesh backrest? Do you need a special mechanism that will allow the rocking chair to rock on the smooth ground? All of these contribute to the design factor and should be taken into account before making your purchase.

Backpacking & Bike Touring vs Car Camping

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I admit it might come as a super-luxury to bring a rocking camp chair to your backpacking or bike trips but seeing some of the ultralight and portable rocking chairs out there, you might decide to buy one. If you’re looking for a rocking camp chair to use in your backpacking trips, your priorities should be:

  • Ultralight
  • Very low packed size
  • Should be collapsible

But keep in mind that anything that is labeled ultralight, will cost you extra.

Helinox Chair Two is a great example of rocking camp chairs for backpacking. You can read my product review about this chair here.

Buying a rocking camp chair to use on one of your camping trips that you’ll go with your car should be easier. Depending on your car, you’ll have a much larger space to store your chair. And since you won’t be carrying your chair around for long periods, the importance of its weight decreases. The most important factors when buying a portable rocking chair for car camping should be:

  • Durability
  • Price
  • Comfort

Increased comfort comes with increased weight and price, however, since your car will be doing all the lifting, the weight is not an issue. GCI Outdoor produces some of the most comfortable rocking chairs out there. If you wish to read my review about GCI Outdoor Pod Rocker rocking camp chair, just click here. REI is also a reliable brand. Check out this perfect rocking chair from REI: Kingdom Rocker

Design Related Factors

helinox rocking chair two
Helinox Chair Two with removable rocking legs.

Low-Chair or High-Chair: Low chairs are very comfortable but if you’re a big fellow, it might be difficult to stand up again. So, when you’re buying a rocking camp chair, consider its height and sitting capacity.

Cup Holders: I would definitely prefer a chair with a cup holder because I never not-drink something. But it’s all relative.

 Ground Factor:

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Regular rocking chair mechanisms do not function properly on soft terrains like sand or grass. GCI Outdoor has a patented design called Spring-action which allows rocking on any terrain.  

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